liver transplantation process

Liver Transplantation Process – Begins with Referral by a Specialist

Patients whose liver is diseased or damaged or reached into the condition not to recover through medications, liver transplantation is the only alternative to stay live. The liver transplantation process is the last stage to remove the damaged liver with a new one or forming a new liver by a ...
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Surrogacy Services

We also provide heterosexual couple surrogacy in Georgia since 2011 and Since then we helped a number of intended parents in becoming parents through IVF and Surrogacy. Cost of surrogacy in Tbilisi, Georgia is much lower than elsewhere in Europe, the United States, and Canada or Brazil. Note: Before thinking ...
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Hepatitis C Virus

What Makes the Possibilities of Hepatitis C Virus to Get Transmitted?

The most common possibility of spreading this virus is trough contact with the blood of an infected person. This contact can be in various ways. Some more potential chances are the following: Blood transfusions and organ transplant before 1992, when widespread screening of the blood supply began. Sharing equipment that ...
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Hepatitis C Treatment in India

It’s All About Hepatitis C and Diagnosis Options

Hepatitis C – an infection caused by the hepatitis C Virus or HCV, is leaving approx. 3% of population in the world infected with HCV. It attacks the liver and leads to inflammation. According to available records of World Health Organization (WHO) a considerable number of patients, even more than ...
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liver care specialists

Fatty Liver Diseases – Consult with Liver Specialist for Complete Liver Care in India

Fat in your liver is a normal thing and it leave no any effect on your health or on liver. However, it can be an open invitation to various liver diseases – if this fat makes up more than 5-10% of the liver’s weight. Possibility increases to a great level ...
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