liver transplantation process

Liver Transplantation Process – Begins with Referral by a Specialist

Patients whose liver is diseased or damaged or reached into the condition not to recover through medications, liver transplantation is the only alternative to stay live.

The liver transplantation process is the last stage to remove the damaged liver with a new one or forming a new liver by a part of liver from a person (donor). This process starts with the referral by a liver care specialist. The process also starts after proper diagnosis process that is done in observation of healthcare specialists.

Patients looking for liver transplant are evaluated by the paramedical staff in supervision of liver care specialists and surgeons in a multispecialty hospital or a liver care center to determine the health condition of patient for transplantation.

This evaluation includes medical history, physical examination, blood or urine tests, x-rays and tests to check the lungs, heart and kidneys functions. Transplant process is done by liver transplant surgeons with liver specialist and paramedical staff like nurses, transplant coordinators, and hepatologists. Before the process starts, it is ensured that it will be covered in health insurance or not.

Liver Transplant Types

Liver transplantation process is divided into two categories that is depend on two type of liver donors that include:

Cadaveric Liver Donation – A brain dead declared person is a donor in this type of liver transplantation. However, for this permission of person’s family members is required; or he/she should donate his liver before brain dead condition.

Living Liver Donation– It is also effective as only a part of the liver is transplanted by a healthy family member, child or someone emotionally lose to patient or a volunteer. For this, evolution of a donor is required that no harm to donor or recipient will occur. In this type of surgical process, you need not to admit in hospital for more time; while you will be able to work as usual in one week.

There is a certain criterion to follow in condition of donating a certain part of your liver.

Some Important Points Are Kept in Mind That Include:

  • Patient’s status and condition in liver disease
  • Knowing about other diseases and condition
  • Interest and likelihood of patient and his/her ability to follow instructions and medical regimen after transplant.
  • Emotional and mental health is checked along with support system.
  • Specialists check the reports, and outcome of evaluation then determine whether patient need transplant or not or he/she is able to follow the criteria or not

For this, what is important than anything else is selection of the right liver transplant center where such precise surgical processes are done.

Liver Transplant in Indian for International Patients in Delhi & NCR – The National Capital Region

India has been witnessing a huge and significant growth in last few years in medical tourism because of availability of world-class multispecialty hospitals in Delhi (capital city of India) and NCR (National Capital Region that include cities Noida, Greater Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Ghaziabad). You will find professional and experienced liver care specialists and transplant surgeons who have proven track record of offering you the best treatment. What makes a big difference is the cost that is far lower than western centers.

There are a number of successful surgical processes that have given a way of living life to many patients suffering from end-stage liver diseases or liver cancer. Proper care is provided; while Indian Government is also offering various added services to attract international patients.

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