Causes of Liver Cirrhosis – Others than Those Occur because of Excessive Alcohol Use

Not just alcohol, obesity, diabetes and also heart conditions can lead to liver cirrhosis.

Liver Cirrhosis or scarring of liver tissues that restrict the organ from functioning to its optimum is the outcome of consuming abusive drinks like drugs and alcohol. If you think that this is the only reason behind this critical and severe liver disease, then you are wrong. You cannot ignore various other lifestyle and psychological factors that can lead to the same. According to professional gastroenterologists and healthcareexpertsinIndia, there are also other causes behind liver cirrhosis. Some of them are given below:

Viral Hepatitis or Hepatics C – More Probable Amid Other Reasons for Liver Cirrhosis

Viral Hepatitis like Hepatitis B, C or D is the main cause behind increasing possibilities of Liver Cirrhosis. Not to mention Hepatitis B that is a viral infection caused by the Hepatitis B virus that leads to tissue damage and inflammation of the liver. Hepatitis C is also a type of hepatitis that is transmitted through blood and other fluids or unprotected sex. If not treated on time, this virus leads to scarring and cirrhosis in later stages. Not to mention Hepatitis D that is also very rare and happens to people. Point to note is that symptoms are hard to find during the initial stage days.

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Diseases – Fat Deposited in Liver Can Cause Major Problems

When excessive fat is deposited in the liver, it may result in liver diseases and liver disorders that can later turn to liver Cirrhosis. There are also different lifestyle conditions that could bring about non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases like hypertension, obesity, diabetes and clogging of the arteries that happen due to fat deposits and cholesterol build-up in the liver. This may lead to fatty liver and then diseases. If not treated properly, they can turn into cirrhosis and then later to other complications like jaundice, swelling of abdomen, feet and others.

Autoimmune hepatitis – a form that is diverse from viral hepatitis is also major cause behind cirrhosis. In this type of problem, body’s own immune system creates to attack the cells of the liver that may lead to scarring and swelling.

Use of Medications (Certain Medications)

Using certain medications that have use of heavy metals and a variety of drugs as well as generic medication may cause damage to liver slowly and lead to cirrhosis. Not to mention regular use of medications and prescription drugs for more time as they may also lead to liver cirrhosis or other types of liver disorders.

Damaged Bile Ducts can also be the cause of such type of liver disorders or liver diseases – mainly cirrhosis. In this case, ducts are become powerless to use up the bile fashioned in the liver that needs to be utilized for functions like digestions of fat and other fat soluble vitamins. This gathering can lead to scaring or damage to the liver that is not good.

Heart failure (Repeated) can cause liver stiffness. If not taken care properly, this problem cans also casue to liver cirrhosis.

Chances of various other chronic conditions cannot be denied that may lead to cirrhosis that include, but not the solid reasons, Cystic fibrosis – a genetic defect that may affect liver functions. Other reasons include organ to convert glycogen into glucose.

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