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Liver Transplant – Essential to Know about It

Liver transplant is a surgical procedure to replace the sick liver that is suffering from unrecoverable diseases. This procedure is done by using a healthy liver from a donor person. The donated liver may come from a recently dead person or from a living one. Even, members of family or strangers with a god match may also donate a portion of liver to save life of one. This transplant is termed as a living transplant that is done by donating a portion of Liver donor that can live healthy lives with his/her remaining Liver. Not to mention the way of liver transplant that is done entirely or juts a portion or section. Transplanted liver can be adjusted to body within week because only the liver among body organs is able to regenerate. This surgical procedure and method is a miracle who have a sick liver that cannot be recovered through any medication or procedure.

Why Liver Transplantation Is Important?

For those patients suffering from critical liver diseases or end-stage liver disease, life threatening liver dysfunction, ESLD due to various conditions, needs this kind of transplantation. Among different types of health complications related to this internal body part, Cirrhosis is the most common in which this procedure is recommended. This long-term disease, liver starts covering with Fibre-like tissues and prevents removal of poisonous and toxins substances.

There are also some other reasons behind transplantation that include, but not limited to:

  • Damaged tissues in Liver or acute hepatic necrosis
  • Chemical activity disorders in cells or metabolic disease
  • Chronic inflammation resulting destruction and damage of liver cells or autoimmune hepatitis
  • Primary tumors in liver – but not outside or liver cancers
  • Absence of bile duct or abnormality or Biliary Atresia

There may be other problems and health complications too, in which your doctor may recommend you Liver transplantation.

Liver transplant – Different Types

Liver transplant is done on two types of donors that include:

Cadaveric Liver Donation – A brain dead person and family members can donate such person’s organs. However, patients need to wait until such suitable donor’s availability.

Living Liver Donation – A certain part of liver is transplanted by a healthy family member, child or someone.

Entire procedure is safe and both the living donor and patients’ liver starts regenerating successfully. Even after getting some part of the liver, remaining becomes able to maintain normal functions, even regeneration is not complete.

Who Can Be a Living Donor for Such Transplantation?

  • Donation is a noble cause and you should be fully prepared for this
  • Age of the donor should be between 18-55 years and weight between 50-85 kg.
  • A close family member is counted as the best one; while blood group should match

Volume of the liver should be enough; while normal functions, structure of liver and other systems should be normal.

For such transplantation procedure, it is important to reach the right hospital or center. India is becoming the ideal place where various world-class hospitals are offering liver transplant and cure for liver disease.

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