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Liver Transplantation in India – Economical and Successful in World-Class Hospitals

Liver transplant is a surgical procedure to replace sick liver or those suffering from unrecoverable diseases with a healthy liver from a donor person. In this medical procedure, what is more important than anything else is availability of donated liver that may come from a person (recently dead) or from a living person – who can be a family member or stranger or a friend with good match. In this condition, a portion of liver is given; while this transplant is termed as living transplant. A donor who give a portion of his/her liver can live healthy life with the remaining liver without worrying about anything else. Depending on the situation, liver can be transplanted entirely or just a portion; while the transplanted liver can adjust to body within a week because only the liver among body organs is able to regenerate.

This type of transplantation is recommended for people – suffering from critical liver diseases or end stage liver diseases, life threatening liver dysfunction and various other liver conditions.

According to liver care specialists, cirrhosis is the most common liver disease. Recommending liver transplant is a very common thing in this disease. This long-term disease result on liver covered by fibre-like tissues that prevents removal of poisonous and toxins substances.

There are various other reasons, in which liver transplantation in India is recommended. Some of the common reasons include:

  • Damaged tissue in liver or acute hepatic necrosis
  • Absence of bile duct or abnormality or biliary atresia
  • Chemical activity disorders in cells that are affected by liver
  • Chronic inflammation that results destruction and damage of liver cells
  • Primary tumors in livers but not outside of liver or liver cancers

Possibility of liver transplantation cannot be ignored due to other reasons. For this, what is more important than anything else is reaching the right hospital where such transplantation services are offered. Liver transplant services for international patients in Delhi & NCR – the capital city and national capital region of India is an ideal destination where you will find a number of world-class hospital like Sir Gangaram Hospital, Medanta – the Medicity in Gurgaon and Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Fortis, Max Hospital and various others.

World-class and secure liver transplantation services are offered at a cost that will be very much lower than the cost offered in Western Countries. There are many patients who are living a healthy life after such transplantation.

Procedure is also quite simple; while paramedical staff provides you full support and ensure a healthy environment to stay to recover soon.

Surgeons and liver specialists who in India have years of experience and proven track record of offering world-class treatment. They follow international standards of safety and use the best medication and surgical equipment at the time of transplant.

Good health, immediate recovery, no health complications, etc., are some main motives on which they work to achieve them.

Fee for liver transplantation in India is also lower and in majority of cases is covered by your health insurance.

You have to make the right decision and schedule an appointment to liver specialists for complete care and solutions.

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